The root of compassion is not empathy; that is kindness. Kindness is great, but it is not the ultimate compassion. Ultimate compassion relieves the suffering that comes from separateness. The suffering that comes from separateness is relieved only when you are fully present with another person, not when you are separately present.

Ram Dass

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Relationship Matters – Groundwork for Conscious relationships

Relationship Matters is a psychological workbook based on the universal themes of human relationships. The practical goals of this book are to help you become more self-aware, gain a deeper understanding of your patterns in your closest relationships, unlearn beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve you, and learn how to build meaningful, loving, and fulfilling relationships.
Three decades of personal development, spiritual work, academic studies, and working with clients provide the foundation for the following chapters. The book offers a simple, practical, and clear map that can help anyone at any age navigate their relationship with themselves and others.
This book is highly recommended to anyone who wants to develop a harmonious, drama-free life.

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