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Awareness basics – Alignment vs. Misalignment – Level 2

In this course, we will meet the different characters within. We will explore the different ways we can self-sabotage. We will meet the fear based inner Judge, the Controller, the Victim, and many other inner characters who steer and shape our thoughts, emotions, choices, relationships, and our entire life. We will also meet the wise, grounded, and aligned part of ourselves. We will learn about the characteristics, life strategies, and problem-solving approaches of the Sage.


Course presentation

The main body of this course is based on the work of Shirzad Chamine, Stanford lecturer, and the author of the New York Times bestselling book Positive Intelligence. The course is also based on the work of Manka and many remarkable psychologists and spiritual masters.

This course is a truly empowering course, where you will discover that YOU ARE the creator of your experiences. You don’t have to run in circles, you can stop and make big changes in your life. You will also get the chance to explore and own your strengths, and learn how to use them.

The following questions will be answered by this course:

What are the ways people self-sabotage?

Who/what are your Saboteurs?

What are their beliefs and characteristics?

Who are your loved one’s Saboteurs?

How do the different Saboteurs interact with each other?

How do they shape your life and personality?

When, how and why did they develop?

Do they serve you at all?

What are your strengths underneath your Saboteurs?

What is alignment?

What does life look like when you are aligned?

How does the Sage approach challenges and problems?

What are the superpowers of the Sage?

How can you shift your life from Saboteur Land to the home of the aligned Sage?