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Awareness basics – Level 1

This course teaches you the first steps toward getting to know yourself, and understanding who you are, how you show up in your connections, and how you contribute to your experiences. You will receive tools that may help you in recognizing your choice points in challenging situations. By using these tools, you can start making new choices, explore new avenues, and create the connections and experiences you want in your life.


Course presentation

The following questions will be answered by this course:

What is self-awareness and why is it one of the most important thing you can have?

Why is it difficult to change?

How can we bring change into our lives?

What is the difference between reacting and responding?

What does reactive communication look like?

What are its impacts on others?

How can we develop the ability of responding instead of reacting in a situation?

What is assertive communication and why is it effective?

What kind of self-awareness tools can we develop?

How are our emotions, the body, and the mind are connected?

How can we change our emotions through our bodies?